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The worlds #1 Sushi Eating HOWTO (at least sometimes)

written by Frank, on Jan 29, 2006 12:31:00 PM.

IMG_0398.sizedIt’s a hard task to stay on top - at this very moment only on the second place - the Sushi Eating HOWTO.

IMG_0399.sizedEugene Ciurana does a great job with that HOWTO, that tries to teach us non-Japanese people how to eat sushi. It is a worthwhile reading with much more than just the usual sketchy babbling, with a lot of respect for the sushi history and the itamaes, and with gems like the walmartdotcomaki.

Itadakimasu Yuji-san - thx and please keep that great work going!

Quotes and pictures from Eugenes site are under his ©.