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Coherence 0.1.0 release

written by Frank, on Feb 16, 2007 12:40:00 AM.

I did it!

Today I tagged the 0.1.0 release of Coherence and made it public with an entry in the Python Cheeseshop, and it got downloaded already several dozen times.

During the next days the new Elisa release will get announced too, using now, aside from the UPnP MediaServer, Coherence for the UPnP client too.

Somehow I’m now waiting in suspense for new bug reports – not too many I hope , feature requests and new ideas on what to change, to improve or to enhance.

Things that are on the list for the next releases:

  • improve the web UI so we get closer to a web-based UPnP ControlPoint
    For now we just show all found devices, but thanks to Athena at least in real time when they announce or log off themself.
  • testing of other devices, a first step into the Intel UPnP Device Spy direction
  • “port” Coherence to the Maemo platform, so we’ll can use the UPnP MediaServer and the UPnP MediaRenderer on the Nokia N800
  • switching to Flickrpc - Ross Burtons Twisted based Flickr library
  • start with a DAAP->UPnP bridge and export in a first step DAAP provided content via UPnP


Web 2.0 explained in less than 5 minutes...

written by Frank, on Feb 11, 2007 4:05:00 PM.

Forget all the tracts and boring panels - this is IT!
Thank you Michael Wesch!

Coherence in conjunction with Media Streamer on a Nokia N800

written by Frank, on Feb 5, 2007 9:58:00 PM.

N800Thanks to Nokias generosity I now have the possibility to test Coherence with and against the UPnP stack shipped with the N800 and used e.g. by Media Streamer or Canola and the UPnP plugin for the gnome-vfs layer.

So far I used the file manger application and Media Streamer, and there have been pleasant and promising results.

The Coherence powered devices are spotted by the N800 and the content retrieval from the MediaServers - even the Flickr one - works fine.

N800 media streamer screenshot

Albeit from the file manger application which seems to circle sometimes.

The GStreamer MediaRenderer backend is recognized too and can be controlled, with the restriction that the Media Streamer UI does not follow the state changes. I’m still unsure whether this is on behalf of Coherence or on the Media Streamer side, but whatever it is, it can’t be anything more than a mere nothing.

Meaning we are probably only one little bug apart from being able to control Elisa with the N800.

Regarding Media Streamer acting itself as a controllable MediaRenderer, there it is fallen a bit short of my expectations, as it doesn’t provide anything at all – neither controlling nor eventing.

That’s definitily another good reason to get Coherence up and running on the Maemo platform.

PS: If your are like me looking for something to take a screenshot on the N800, I have been lucky with load-applet-run, and I was told @ irc:// that the Maemo screen grabber together with the osso-screenshot-tool should work too.