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London, we are coming - not yet

written by Frank, on Aug 30, 2007 1:35:00 PM.

My son Sebastian finished primary school with great school grades - six * 1 and a 2 in sport - and is now looking forward to grammar school.

In his last year he took a supplementary English class and he learnt a lot about London and the sightseeings there. I thought giving him the chance to see these in real and visit them is a nice reward.

And so we are now today on our trip to London. But unexpectedly stopped at the airport in Frankfurt/Hahn due to delayed Ryanair flight FR755. Instead of leaving at 11:40 new departure is expected to be around 15:00.

Ryanair is btw not providing any water or food to ease the delay a bit. :-(

Anyway, I hope that we depart really at 15:00 as I have prebooked tickets for Mdm. Toussauds in the late afternoon. We could still manage that if we rush from the airport directly to the wax-museum, leaving our luggage at Liverpool station.

Great start for a leisure trip. ;-)