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Coherence 0.5.0 release

written by Frank, on Jan 1, 2008 12:54:00 PM.

Exactly one year after Coherence went public, I had the pleasure to release version 0.5.0.

The topics of this release are:

  • better DLNA support, in particular for the Sony Playstation 3
  • a MediaServer backend for Shoutcast internet radio streams
  • an experimental MediaServer backend for the service
  • methods to remove local devices from a Coherence instance
  • slow move to an XML based configuration file
  • support for BSD systems - thx kraft!
  • an emerging D-Bus interface
  • more platform independency for our Twisted inotify module,
    using libc when possible
  • and a lot more of the usual bugfixes and enhancements

A Happy New Year!

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