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Adding Transcoding to Coherence

written by Frank, on Dec 3, 2008 8:02:00 PM.

Yeah, you read right, transcoding - the holy grail when it comes to DLNA and UPnP A/V - is finally within Coherence's reach.

With current svn trunk we have a simple, yet powerful audio transcoder based on GStreamer, enabling our FSStore MediaServer to serve ogg, mp4 and flac media files to devices not able to playback these formats natively, like the Playstation 3.

The transcoded stream can be paused, but not seeked yet. That needs a bit of more work.

The complementary remuxer/transcoder for video is in the works too, hope we are able to finish that for the upcoming 0.6.0 release.


  • Hello, today I’ve had a look for the first time at your blog and I’ve found a lot of amazing ideas. My name is Giovanni, I live in Italy and I’m very interested in your experience with UPnP communications and data streaming. I’d like to share with you my idea which is quite similar to yours, but I’m not able to implement it. Basically I have a server PC, which is also a Wi-Fi spot, with some applications installed. For example, it has a beamer and an audio hi-fi connected and I can display videos, play MP3 and so on. I’d like to have these applications made available to a laptop or a smartphone through UPnP as soon as these clients enter the Wi-Fi range. This is the scenario: the laptop/smartphone approaches the server Wi-Fi range, and some clickable icons with the applications made available by the gateway appear on the laptop’s desktop. Maybe a message like “these are your available applications, do you want to accept them?” is shown. In this way, the client can play its own video or MP3 directly streamed from the client device to the gateway, and then to the beamer or the audio hi-fi system. Whenever the client leaves the Wi-Fi range, the applications are no longer available and the icon panel disappears. Are you aware of some already existing pieces of source code on this over the Web?
    Thanks so much,

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