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Coherence 0.5.2 - the "little leap"

written by Frank, on Feb 29, 2008 10:06:00 PM.

I'm happy to announce a new release of

Coherence 0.5.2 - the "little leap"

on this 29th of February 2008.

This is on the one hand an interim release to get into the distributions an updated package providing support for new features used by the upcoming versions of Rhythmbox and Elisa.

On the other hand there are some enhancements that are of general interest too:

  • rework of the XBox 360 support
  • refinements and improvements on the client side API, incorporating things we learned on extending the Rhythmbox UPnP plugin
  • some efforts on smoothing the "just use it as a MediaServer/-Renderer" user experience
  • rearrangements in the way multiple res elements are ordered, fixes issues which we had with some UPnP stacks and their 'wayward' interpretation of the specs
  • and the usual bugfixes and improvements

More details at the Coherence site

The best showcase for what can be done with Coherence is at the moment for sure the Rhythmbox UPnP plugin.

It enables Rhythmbox

  • to act as an UPnP MediaServer, serving its media files to other UPnP clients
  • be an UPnP client itself
  • and handing over control to an UPnP ControlPoint, announcing itself as an UPnP MediaRenderer
A demonstration can be viewed in a little video over here.


  • Congrats! Now i can use coherence with stupid renderers like that of simplecenter that picks up the INTERNAL URI instead of HTTP. One small request: Please refer to this rhythmbox plugin as ‘coherence’ or ‘coherence UPnP’ since there is already a working GUPnP rhythmbox plugin as well.

    Comment by Zeeshan Ali — Mar 11, 2009 10:26:19 PM | #