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Coherence UPnP BinaryLight Demonstrator stands to EU proposal IP/08/1909

written by Frank, on Apr 1, 2009 11:23:00 AM.

For immediate press-release:

The Coherence DLNA/UPnP project announces today that its UPnP BinaryLight Demonstrator adheres to the European Commission’s proposal for progressively phasing out incandescent bulbs.

“Once more Coherence demonstrates hereby its innovative and forward-looking orientation and emphasizes being the number one DLNA/UPnP framework of the world!” says Frank Scholz, lead-developer of Coherence. “We hope that others will follow our example and throw overboard their frumpishness.”

Independent experts assert that the energy consumption for displaying this image of an energy-saving light bulb is less than 20% compared to an incandescent bulb. And that this image will last at least five times longer too.

BinaryLight Demonstrator

European energy commissioner Andris Pielbalgs delightedly expresses: “Even such a small appearing change can make a big difference!”

Germanys ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl said “This is an excellent example for the innovative strength of Germany and Europe, and I encourage the current legislation to use energy-saving light bulbs for illumination of the data-highways too.”