Chef de Cambuse, cruising and wine

going to GCDS

written by Frank, on Jul 5, 2009 4:30:00 PM.

Well, not quite yet. Again a heavily delayed fight, but at least not canceled yet.

My plane was supposed to leave today at 13:20, apparently it is broken and they need to get a replacement aircraft over. My confidence in Condor is a bit shaken.
But at least they handed out two 10€ coupons for food and beverages - that will allow me to throw a party here if I can’t make it to the one on the island tonight. ;-)
For the moment I made myself comfortable in a small bistro here with my own power-outlet.

Departure is now scheduled for 20:00, meaning I won’t be in Las Palmas before midnight.

Anyway, hopefully being there ready for the talks on Monday morning. The talk Philippe and I am giving is on Tuesday morning, which I’m now somehow quite happy about.