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Suddenly 46 - or was that last year really that short?

written by Frank, on Mar 21, 2010 4:06:00 PM.

That year was crammed - two Coherence sprints, GCDS, particication at Les Trophées du Libre, two talks at FOSDEM 2010, school enrolment of our youngest daughter - the last of four enrolments, now we can start thinking about the first confirmation, being in the parents’ association of two schools, returning to the classroom myself for the boat driver permit - just to name a few.

Not mentioning the things needed to make a living. ;-)

Nevertheless it was a lot of fun and thanks to everybody who had a part in that!
For “the finale” we decided this year to throw a small party to see my birthday in, which was for a small minority of our guests a bit challenging. [Not telling any names :-P]

Hors d'œuvre     Gambas Caribbean

The challenge on my side was the main-course - filet de bœuf wrapped upon filet de veau, based on a recipe by the great Johann Lafer. Nearly five kg of high-class meat, a beaf olive like a lindworm.

filet de bœuf wrapped upon filet de veau, packets of carrots and fine green beans, mashed potatoes

As you can see it worked out really well.

Curious now what this year will bring.