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Suddenly 46 - or was that last year really that short?

written by Frank, on Mar 21, 2010 4:06:00 PM.

That year was crammed - two Coherence sprints, GCDS, particication at Les Trophées du Libre, two talks at FOSDEM 2010, school enrolment of our youngest daughter - the last of four enrolments, now we can start thinking about the first confirmation, being in the parents’ association of two schools, returning to the classroom myself for the boat driver permit - just to name a few.

Not mentioning the things needed to make a living. ;-)

Nevertheless it was a lot of fun and thanks to everybody who had a part in that!
For “the finale” we decided this year to throw a small party to see my birthday in, which was for a small minority of our guests a bit challenging. [Not telling any names :-P]

Hors d'œuvre     Gambas Caribbean

The challenge on my side was the main-course - filet de bœuf wrapped upon filet de veau, based on a recipe by the great Johann Lafer. Nearly five kg of high-class meat, a beaf olive like a lindworm.

filet de bœuf wrapped upon filet de veau, packets of carrots and fine green beans, mashed potatoes

As you can see it worked out really well.

Curious now what this year will bring.

Unboxing confection

written by Frank, on Oct 10, 2009 5:45:00 PM.

I was sailing around Sardinia a few days ago and bought as a bring along some Sardinian sweets - Sorrisi di Sardegna di Mirto, Mandorlini (Pasta di Mandorle) and Bucconettes Mirto.

small ensemble

Besides these handmade goodies being extremely delicious - unwrapping them is already an experience.

a bagful

each wrapped in tissue paper

a piece of art

BBQ experiments

written by Frank, on Jun 19, 2009 5:16:00 PM.

Last weekend we had some friends over at our place for a little barbecue.
Among the “ordinary” steaks we prepared:

  • chicken and rocket bruschettas
  • salad of prawns, peas, celery and mint
  • king prawn spits, marinaded with chili and ginger
  • brown mushrooms and porcini, chopped spring onions, thyme and cream in preserving jars
  • grilled asparagus (green) and spring onions, with a tomato, mozzarella, olive oil and honey dressing
  • punch with strawberries, oranges, tonic water and Aperol
BBQ jars
Just some stimuli for your next BBQ. ;-)

Frites, Belgian Beer and Pizza-Snack

written by Frank, on Feb 10, 2009 9:02:00 PM.

FOSDEM was great!

A much larger embedded dev-room, free bus-transportation from the venue to the train station and even a cloak-room!
Thanks to all the people there for making that event possible.

For someone living in one of Germany’s wine-areas attending the FOSDEM Beer Event is quite a challenge.
I read that this year the bill was a new record, exceeding 10.000,- €.

And it was time for enjoying some other Belgian specialties too - at the best chippy, at least the best that was open on early Saturday morning and in walking distance from the Delirium Café.

Larger View

I had switched from car to plane as I feared a bit the announced snow in Brussels and did not wanted to end in some other 100km traffic-jam driving home on Sunday evening, but not one snow-flake showed up over the weekend.

But that gave Lufthansa the opportunity to serve me another culinary extravaganza on my flights to and from Brussels.


PS: Remind myself next year that the Godiva store near the venue is closed on Sundays.
PPS: Our spontaneous Coherence meeting was a big success too, but more on that in separate post.

How to eat sushi in Japan...

written by Frank, on Apr 5, 2006 10:48:00 PM.

In our little sushi sequence we learn today - with the help of a very illustrative video - the proper way to eat sushi in Japan.

Enjoy, and may you always have ohtoro on your fresh sterilized geta.

The worlds #1 Sushi Eating HOWTO (at least sometimes)

written by Frank, on Jan 29, 2006 12:31:00 PM.

IMG_0398.sizedIt’s a hard task to stay on top - at this very moment only on the second place - the Sushi Eating HOWTO.

IMG_0399.sizedEugene Ciurana does a great job with that HOWTO, that tries to teach us non-Japanese people how to eat sushi. It is a worthwhile reading with much more than just the usual sketchy babbling, with a lot of respect for the sushi history and the itamaes, and with gems like the walmartdotcomaki.

Itadakimasu Yuji-san - thx and please keep that great work going!

Quotes and pictures from Eugenes site are under his ©.

Sushi design - thrill all your senses

written by Frank, on Sep 11, 2005 12:27:00 PM.

via Jan:

Sushi-timeMoMa’s "Sushi Time" platter

More than 30cm diameter of bone china is one perfect place to enjoy Sushi. By oneself or for two, as there are two grooves for the chopsticks in the platter. In either case there is plenty of space to arrange your favoured Sushi or Sashimi at the bank of a Shoku lake, and as you can see Gari and Wasabi make a nice visual accompaniment too.

Maybe one day we have a blogger meeting in NY, but as a start we could just share the shipping.