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Coherence - a Python framework for the Digital Living

written by Frank, on Dec 31, 2006 4:51:00 PM.

As one of my last computer related acts this year I want to set Coherence free.

Coherence is a framework, written in Python and based on Twisted, enabling your application to participate in digital living networks. At the moment it is focused on the UPnP universe, but others will follow.

It is not (yet) for instance an UPnP MediaServer with all bells and whistles, although the enclosed device implementation is already quite functional.

But I see its utility in any case more as a bridging tool to connect something so far isolated straightforward e.g. to other UPnP devices. It is somehow part of a concept I’ve worked on in the home-automation area over the last years - a thing I called ‘Weltenkoppler’, building bridges between the (digital) islands.

Thus Coherence will in some future allow us to

But for now I wish all of you out there a truly Happy New Year and cu again in 2007!

some minor obstacles on the move to a new dedictated server

written by Frank, on Dec 23, 2006 12:41:00 PM.

A few days ago I had some time to choose a new dedicated server.

There is a more than two years old Celeron 2.40 GHz with half a GB sitting around, which I currently use to host some smaller projects.

After adding Coherence to them - the UPnP A/V framework in Python I’m working on – it became obvious very quickly that this would overheat that little box.

So I decided to move to a new one, which I tried to order this Thursday afternoon. There was the first hiccup, ordering via the web-interface was impossible, as they have already put up the new offers for 2007, with the one I wanted not being available anymore.

So I had to try phone-support, which was very helpful, competent and irritated about the time-warp in the web-interface too. They adviced me to order via fax which I did during the evening. Only a few hours later I got an email, stating that the server is activated and that I should login to the configuration interface with its hostname and the password defined during the order process.

Hmpf, seems I slipped with my fax order through the meshes.

Sure the configuration interface provides a method to generate a new password, but I need the order number -which I wasn’t informed about yet – and an attached domain – which I wasn’t able to do yet – to activate this.

So I had to file a ticket even before I had any chance to touch that new box.

That’s for today on the topic ‘process optimization’.